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Essential Verbs Audio-Vocabulary Spanish French

Product picture Essential Verbs Audio-Vocabulary Spanish French

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Improve your skills on verbs in different languages

Learning vocabulary is a very important part of learning a language. The more words you know, the more you will be able to understand what you hear and read; and the better you will be able to say what you want to when speaking or writing.

There are thousands of verbs of course. This is a list of about 600 of the more common verbs. It verb compares in more tenses ( up to seven diferent tenses) Note that there are some spelling variations according to you language/accent (America/British English, Spain /Colombia Spanish etc...)

Unierasmus makes it easy for you to build your knowledge of verbs through a variety of vocabulary resources specifically created to help you build your knowledge of the English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Dutch etc... language. Whether it is verbs, nouns, or adjectives you’re looking to improve upon, we’ve got the tools you need.

We propose:

- 3000 entries made possible by about 600 different verbs in more tenses -

The package consists of 12 Mp3 files ( 250 verbs per file) + a pdf of all the 300 verbs in your language as well as the idiom you're learning.

Verbs are conjugated (inflected) to reflect how they are used

How to use the our Essential Verbs Course

In all of the above ways, you are doing something with the words. It’s usually not enough to just read through a list of words with their definitions or translations and try to remember them. Most students find that they memorise words better if they do something with them. Even better is to try and learn the word in a typical combination with other words. Learning that to apologize means to say sorry is a good start, but it's much better to learn a whole expression containing the word, e.g. He apologized for being late. Not only is this often easier to remember, but you are also learning some very important information on how the word is used.

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